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  • “It does not illustrate. It is the sensation of its own realization.”

    RIP Cy Twombly Each line was “the actual experience” of making the line. Could Twombly be thought of as a Phenomenological painter? I’ll admit, when I lived in Philadelphia, my least favorite room in the art museum there was the Cy Twombly room. It was hard to appreciate. But nowadays, I almost view Twombly’s work […]

  • Landscape Perception and Inhabiting Vision: Practising to see from the inside

    From the recent archives, I thought it would be good to post my dissertation from Dartington. Download the pdf of Landscape Perception and Inhabiting Vision. The Abstract: In this dissertation I investigate vision and landscape through painting. I identify landscape as a diverse and lively critical field of study as I have come to understand […]

  • Walk through a field barefoot.

    Today, after swimming in the Dart River, I walked barefoot up a sloped field to get to Dartington College of Arts.  (The shell of what is left there)  I found it very interesting that the field was sporadically covered in thorny plants that hurt my feet.  I thought about the cows that normally graze on […]

  • Representation of Space in Space

    I’ve been reading Edward Soja’s Thirdspace (1996) and Postmodern Geographies (1989) and Perceptions of the Environment (2000) by Tim Ingold. “Space hides consequence from us now.”  (Berger in Soja 1989 p.22) Space does hide consequence from those who have power..  We throw out rubbish and it goes ‘somewhere.’  We use electricity that comes from ‘somewhere.’  […]

  • Show Time Again. The Countdown Begins.

    Show Time Again. The Countdown Begins.

    It is roughly 100 days until the MA show here at the Dartington Campus of the University College Falmouth.  It is a very strange experience—the Dartington Campus will move to the main college at the end of the year.  There is a definitive sense of a winding down of place happening here that is both […]