Welcome to the Exhibitions page, a chronicle of my journey as a landscape painter. As a Bronx-based artist, my work is an ode to the breathtaking beauty of local landscapes, capturing an intimate connection with the places I paint. From the heart of Brooklyn to the soul of the Bronx, my exhibitions span various galleries and community spaces.

My philosophy as an artist revolves around the idea of showcasing my work in the communities that inspire it. By exhibiting locally, I create a dialogue with the people who inhabit these landscapes, sharing my interpretations and igniting conversations about environmental preservation.

Below, you’ll find an extensive catalog of my past shows, encompassing both solo and group exhibitions. This list takes you on a journey through my art career, from my contributions to the renowned Dorsey Gallery’s Thank You Show and the Holiday Auction Show, to my solo ventures such as “422 Trees” at Tugboat Tea Company and “Over/Bored” at The Rocket Cat. I invite you to peruse this collection, hoping that it offers you a deeper insight into my artistic philosophy and the landscapes that have left their imprint on my work over the years.”

2020 – Present

  • 14th Annual Yonkers Arts Showcase, Yonkers Arts, Yonkers 2023
  • ‘I Am Because You Are’, Yonkers Arts, Yonkers 2022
  • 37th Annual HOLIDAY AUCTION SHOW, Dorsey Art Gallery, Brooklyn 2021
  • THE THANK YOU SHOW XII, Dorsey Gallery, Brooklyn 2021
  • 36th Annual HOLIDAY AUCTION SHOW, Dorsey Gallery, Brooklyn 2020

2015 – 2019

  • 35th Annual HOLIDAY AUCTION SHOW, Dorsey Gallery, Brooklyn 2019
  • THE THANK YOU SHOW XI, Dorsey Gallery, Brooklyn 2019
  • “A 5-Minute Walk” The Chameleon BK, Brooklyn 2019
  • HOLIDAY AUCTION SHOW, Dorsey Gallery, Brooklyn 2018
  • Pop Up Show, Barrus Realty, Brooklyn 2018
  • THE THANK YOU SHOW X, Dorsey Gallery, Brooklyn 2018
  • HOLIDAY AUCTION SHOW, Dorsey Gallery, Brooklyn 2017
  • THE THANK YOU SHOW IX, Dorsey Gallery, Brooklyn 2017
  • HOLIDAY AUCTION SHOW, Dorsey Gallery, Brooklyn 2016
  • Art Slope, Byklyn Cycle, Brooklyn 2016
  • Streetsweeper, Brooklyn 2016
  • New paintings, Ryujin Ramen, Brooklyn 2016
  • THE THANK YOU SHOW VIII, Dorsey Gallery, Brooklyn 2016
  • 422 Trees, Tugboat Tea Company, Brooklyn 2015
  • THE THANK YOU SHOW VII, Dorsey Gallery, Brooklyn 2015
  • Friends of Otto Neals, Tugboat Tea Company, Brooklyn 2015

2010 – 2014

2005 – 2009

  • 5 Dudes, Artwork and Booze, 2424 Studios, Philadelphia, 2009
  • March Monthly Show, Memphis Tap Room, Philadelphia, 2009
  • 1st Annual Neighborhood Show, Proximity Gallery, Philadelphia, 2009
  • Holiday Exhibition, Goldfish Gallery, Philadelphia 2008
  • Over / Bored, The Rocket Cat (solo), Philadelphia 2008
  • Recent Paintings, One Shot Coffee (solo), Philadelphia 2008
  • Get Spotted, High Wire Gallery, Philadelphia 2007
  • National Society of Arts and Letters juried exhibition, Phipps Conservatory and Botanical Gardens, Pittsburgh 2007
  • Pittsburgh’s Best 2006, Three Rivers Arts Festival, Pittsburgh 2006
  • Recent Works by Grossi, Hefele, and Hewlitt, University Center Gallery, Pittsburgh 2005
  • Groundworks: Environmental Collaboration in Contemporary Art Regina Miller Gallery, Pittsburgh 2005

2000 – 2004

  • The Knotweed Project, The Skinny Building, Pittsburgh 2004
  • Halftone Snake Release, Modern Formations Gallery, Pittsburgh 2004
  • Boards not Bombs The Blue Tree Gallery, Pittsburgh 2003
  • A Smiling Hunger: Transforming Cultures, Future Tenant, Pittsburgh 2003
  • Mandala: Healing the Environment, Pittsburgh Center for the Arts, Pittsburgh 2002
  • You Know You Want It, The Frame Gallery, Pittsburgh 2002
  • The Jar Collective Penn Gallery, Pittsburgh 2001
  • Your Art Stinks The Frame Gallery, Pittsburgh 2000