Category: Asides

  • Playing around with the computer program “Corel Draw.” I was reminded of this program by an old friend.  I remember using it ten years ago. Hopefully I can bring it into my work flow for painting OR design work. No need to try and photograph this well… as it emits light instead of reflecting it. Painting by […]

  • A new place for the blog

    I’ve moved the blog from the front page. I think having it on the front page was giving me writer’s block. So here is an informal aside.

  • Walk through a field barefoot.

    Today, after swimming in the Dart River, I walked barefoot up a sloped field to get to Dartington College of Arts.  (The shell of what is left there)  I found it very interesting that the field was sporadically covered in thorny plants that hurt my feet.  I thought about the cows that normally graze on […]