DMX and fan in CVS Artwork of DMX and Mike DMX tribute artwork Pastel drawing of DMX

“Let Me Fly: A DMX Tribute Exhibtion” at Yonkers Arts

I recently had the privilege of participating in the “Let Me Fly” DMX Tribute Exhibition at Yonkers Arts, curated by the dedicated Ray Wilcox. This event, long in preparation, culminated in a memorable opening night that truly honored DMX’s legacy and his roots in Yonkers. Witnessing the community’s connection to the tribute was incredibly moving, especially as someone who first came to know DMX’s music during his rise to global fame in the ’90s.

The inspiration behind my contribution to the exhibition is a story close to my heart. It centers on a serendipitous encounter between my childhood friend Mike and DMX at a local CVS, deep in the night. After DMX’s unexpected entry, Mike’s text to our group chat led to a now-legendary photo of them together, symbolizing not just a chance meeting but the shared landscapes of our lives and DMX’s.

This photo, which quickly became a cornerstone of our group’s lore, inspired me to create a piece for the exhibition. It was a nod not only to DMX’s impact on us as individuals and as a community but also to the enduring bonds of friendship. The acceptance of my piece by Yonkers Arts was an honor.

The exhibition also presented a long-awaited opportunity to reconnect with Mike in person, after years of keeping in touch digitally. His presence at the opening, alongside the display of the iconic image, underscored the unbreakable bond of our childhood friendships.

This experience was more than just an art show; it was a celebration of connections, memories, and the enduring influence of DMX’s spirit on us all. It’s a reminder of the unexpected intersections in life that can lead to the most memorable moments and lasting tributes.

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Opening night