Show flier for Daylighting Tibbetts Brook en Plein Air

Daylighting Tibbetts en Plein Air @ Gallery 505 – Jan 4th – March 29th 2024

Jan 4 – March 29th 2024

The show opening was great – it’s up until the end of March. Let me know if you want to meet there and check it out. You can see the online version of the work here.

“Good evening, everyone. It’s wonderful to have you all here, for a mix of art, community, and nature. A special thanks to KRVC’s Gallery 505 for hosting us. 

I’m often drawn to a thought inspired by Cézanne: ‘The Landscape Thinks Itself in Us.’ This concept resonates deeply, especially as we navigate growing environmental challenges.


  • Our project to daylight Tibbetts Brook represents a shift towards collaborating with nature. I’m excited for this new chapter for our community.
  • We’re actively participating in NYC’s largest green infrastructure project. A heartfelt thank you to everyone involved, particularly to people like Stephanie, Christina, and the VCPA, among many others.
  • Reintroducing the brook is more than an environmental act; it’s a redefinition of our neighborhood and a piece of our identity.
  • This change prompts us to think about our future. How can we maintain this creative momentum and further enhance our community’s green initiatives?
  • My art usually captures past events, but this endeavor has inspired me to look forward with optimism. It’s a rare and valuable feeling in today’s world.
  • Stream daylighting isn’t just innovative; it’s about being in harmony with our environment, not trying to control it.
  • This initiative is a collective achievement, rekindling our relationship with the water and opening doors to new possibilities.
  • As we embrace this transformation, we’re also shaping our community’s narrative. Let’s continue this journey, expanding our commitment to sustainable practices across the Northwest Bronx.

We’re not only making a difference in our neighborhood but setting a broader example for harmonious living with nature. These paintings are just one part of this bigger picture. Thank you for being here.”

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