This 6x6 inch oil painting captures the serene beauty of an oak tree in Van Cortlandt Park at sunset. Artist Noel Hefele's piece reflects the tranquility and enduring presence of nature amidst the urban landscape. Painted as a thoughtful gift for the Mori family, it symbolizes the deep-rooted connections and the natural heritage their name, 'forest', embodies. The painting is a fusion of the artist's appreciation for natural landscapes and his skill in depicting the subtle interplay of light and shadow.

Standing Still: An Oak of Van Cortlandt Park

As the day wanes into a soft dusk, the oak tree in Van Cortlandt Park becomes not just a part of the landscape but a storyteller of the earth’s silent sonatas. This small 6×6 oil painting is my attempt to capture that narrative, to hold onto a moment of natural simplicity amidst the city’s ceaseless bustle. It’s a tribute to the silent, steadfast companionship that trees offer us.

Title: Oak in Van Cortlandt
Park Medium: Oil on Panel
Size: 6×6 inches
Date: 2023

This piece also holds a special place in my journey as an artist, a gift crafted with affection and thoughtfulness. It’s a celebration of roots, both literal and metaphorical, and a reminder of the enduring beauty of nature that surrounds us.