“It’s what they don’t say” a choreography video trailer.

I am performing in a choreographed piece by Marina Smoulevits at the Ultimate dART Dartington Ma show. “It’s what they don’t say,” utilizes two human sized piles of clothes to explore, through movement, the complexities and banalities of a relationship between two individuals.

Marina writes,

A duet performance.

A man A woman
A mountain A struggle
A dance A smile A skirt Around
A life Two lives
A mirror A sound
A route Two routes
Side by side, Hand in hand, Shoulder to shoulder

A shirt A jacket A coat
A burden A worry A drop
A loss A gain A game
Your jacket my shirt

Becoming fully aware of


A woman A man

It’s whAt they don’t sAy

I am very excited about this piece. We have been rehearsing rather regularly for about six months now. It’s given me the time and space to think about the role of improvisation, structure and movement and how these aspects relate to painting. Movement and performance have been the unexpected yet fertile areas of study this year at Dartington, especially in considering it in social/environmental contexts.