Leisure, Leftover: A painting in progress

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This photo is from the end of April.  As part of my Ultimate dART exhibit this July, I’ve continued to paint 4 foot square canvases of places I find in and around Totnes.  I will post occasional progress photos when I can. I am planning to exhibit 11 of these canvases, with sounds recorded from the sites depicted playing from small speakers behind the paintings.

Aller Park is a location on the Dartington Estate that was originally used by the Dartington Hall School and has not been used for the past 10 years, apparently because of an asbestos problem in the building.  The pool is in close proximity and has been the site of some interesting projects. Such sites are fascinating to me. The pool is obviously no longer a pool, but it isn’t important or valuable enough to transition into something else. Will Dartington Trust repair the pool?  or will they bury it?

Dartington Estate is transition rapidly, and is not without controversy. Dartington College of Arts is closing—”moving” to University College Falmouth this summer, but, it has become clear that you cannot “move” a college.  It is a closing. A particular land use ends.  What value systems inform the new land use?