I found canvas put out for the trash.

Reminds me of art school! I found them down the street from us in South Philly. There was something sad about the fact that they were given up… objects at one point that were embedded with care. I took home about 12 of them. They are in surprisingly good condition.

The first painting I am working on to come out of this is entitled “The Anatomy of a Street Tree (the maple at my front door)”

40″ x 40″

I have to admit that I have not been painting as much as I would like recently. I’ve hit a busy patch! Freelance gigs and 40 hour a week job eat away at that time! I’m the first to say there are no excuses though.

A side note: Someone recently had some critiques on my webpage… feel free to list them in the comments to this blog. I would like to continue to evolve the site. What are some things that are blatantly missing?