A look back to a work traded a year ago.

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In Pittsburgh at a street fair, I traded this piece for a graffiti inspired work from another artist. I liked the old look of the paper here, which was artificially induced. The cropping and pose of the drawing is pretty interesting as well.

I didn’t sign the work on the front, perhaps I did on the back. I have a hard time signing works on the front out of fear of a “blemish” but it probably is necessary in the larger vision of working as an artist.

The painting that I got in the trade is hanging up here in Philly. It is nice, but I don’t remember the guys name and I am sure he doesn’t remember mine.

It is really interesting to deal in a visual language when our society is so drenched in images. How do you compete for attention? Do you replicate the tactics that advertisers and image builders use? Or do you go against the grain?

I have been reading Baudrillard again.. specifically “Simulations.” He used to be the darling of the art crowd, but recently seems to be replaced by Deluze. I am intrigued about this idea of the “copy replacing the original” in how it relates to my plan and future thinking about my art practice.

I make images. And yet, it can be said that more people have seen these images though this web page than in “real life.” And I have plans to create digital prints of works so I can sell them at a more affordable price.

I would argue that the actual work, and the reproductions of the work are one larger “meta-artwork” with each being dependent upon each other. In that sense, it does not matter that I traded this work. I have an image of it and I can present it here.

That is, until my hard drive fails.