Margate Mural Progress photos..

margate Mural Progress
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Some of you may know, I am working on a 3 walled interior mural in Margate NJ.

The mural is part of a larger redesign of the 3rd floor of a beach house. The redesign is headed by JJ Fox Interior Design. Click on the photo to see more progress shots in my flickr stream. The floor will be painted white at the end, creating a lighter environment.

The project is going along smoothly. It is nice to be able to take a break and walk on the beach. There is a boardwalk (the world’s longest) that leads all the way to Atlantic City. I find the social fabric there to be really interesting with all of the casinos. I went and promptly lost 5 dollars. Philly will soon have some casinos, and somehow I don’t think it will help the surrounding areas. Casinos are palaces capitalism. Built solely on the product of desire.

Check back for updates on the progress on the mural. Will probably be done in the next week or so.


3 responses to “Margate Mural Progress photos..”

  1. “Casinos are palaces capitalism. Built solely on the product of desire.”

    Blah blah blah. You don’t obviously haven’t caught the gambling bug. It is the thrill of anticipation that gets ones endorphines running. So few people ever win so it has nothing to do with capitalism.

  2. Capitalism- means of production are mostly privately owned and operated for profit.

    What I was trying to say was that the Casinos create a PRODUCT that they sell. The “Gambling Bug” or the thrill of anticipation: or the DESIRE to win. It doesn’t matter that so few people win– that just proves that it is a finely tuned capitalist machine.

    Nothing to do with capitalism, and yet Donald Trump himself is involved with several!

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