Deleuzian Difference vs. how I’ve been thinking of “contrast” lately.

Space as the result of process. I have been thinking about contrast in several different forms since someone asked me if I paint light to dark, or dark to light. The answer is neither. After setting up the painting, I have a process of pulling the lights and pushing the darks. I end up defining the representation of a space through the difference, or contrast, of the pigments.

Deleuze is still very slippery for me… I see Warhol being on the opposite side of the spectrum. Identity as result of imposed categorical thinking.

I have been thinking that I need to employ contrast across images and paintings. Contrast in subject matter, using it to illustrate a larger space.

Deleuze mentioned Monet’s water lilies as being repeats of each other, but not the same.

Could that same notion be extended across the changes a landscape undergoes?

How about changes to a mental landscape?

All of these are good questions I think. I’m excited about reading dense texts and trying to relate them to painting.

Stay tuned…


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