A bit more progress on the FDR painting

This one is proving difficult! I am still getting tripped up by the colors and nuances. Completion seems far off.

Colors are varying wildly across the painting. As long it doesn’t fracture value wise, I think it could be to a good effect.

I still need to make the water look frozen and make the clouds more atmospheric. But the general paint style I have been cultivating is there. Even though that style seems to rely upon contrast.

I think I have adequately set up the larger contrasts in this painting—between the sky, ground and water. But the nuances within those areas are mind boggling to say the least. A lot of work to do there still.

Feel free to comment!

By Noel Hefele

Noel Hefele is an artist living in the Bronx


  1. Though I don’t have any idea about FDR painting, I found your painting beautiful and exceptional.

  2. Properly used color contrast in the sky, ground and water of your painting has given it a perfect look. That’s why your painting looks more lively.

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