Grad School?

I want to go. I am researching schools and programs for the next few months. If you have any suggestions that you think I should know about, please leave me a comment!

Superficially, I am interested in applying to Tyler School of Art, Yale, and Upenn.

I’d like to find a program that is receptive to painting w/ an ecological focus. I am not interested in going somewhere that will say “You need to take painting out of the square man! The wall hegemony is fascism!” Already experienced a pedagogy that advocates tearing down conventions, and I found it to attack the very core question of meaning itself. I would be a post-modern self referencing ironic artist if it didn’t make me so apathetic!

I want to be in an environment that nurtures and challenges my painting without being close-minded to the more radical ideas I learned at 3 Rivers 2nd Nature.

It wouldn’t hurt if they paid me to go too. (Takes Yale out of the running for sure)

By Noel Hefele

Noel Hefele is an artist living in the Bronx