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  • Currently Showing: Dart River and Windwhistle Cottage

    Currently Showing: Dart River and Windwhistle Cottage

    This oil painting measure 4 feet square. If you are in the Totnes area this August, stop by the lovely Fat Lemons Cafe on Ticklemore Street. In my humble opinion, they make the best cappuccino in Totnes. They are exhibiting paintings from my current work on a rotating schedule. The Dart River has been on…

  • Show Time Again. The Countdown Begins.

    Show Time Again. The Countdown Begins.

    It is roughly 100 days until the MA show here at the Dartington Campus of the University College Falmouth.  It is a very strange experience—the Dartington Campus will move to the main college at the end of the year.  There is a definitive sense of a winding down of place happening here that is both…

  • Persistence Under Change

    Persistence Under Change

    Totnes is a ‘Transition Town,’ yet this view of the East Gate along the high street remains largely unchanged over many years. 4’x4′ Oil on canvas 2010

  • The Atmospheric Principle

    The Atmospheric Principle

    4’x4′ Oil on Canvas 2010

  • Dwelling: a trans-atlantic collaboration

    I am very lucky to have been invited to collaborate on an artwork with my longtime Pittsburgh friend, STUDIO collegue and fellow landscape painter, Connie Merriman.  She asked if I would like to work with her for the Associate Artists of Pittsburgh Centenial Exhibition.  Pittsburgh is a very special place for me, and it’s magnetic…