Cosgrove on Landscape Painting

One of the consistent purposes of landscape painting has been to present an image of order and proportioned control… there is an inherent conservatism in the landscape idea, in its celebration of property and of an unchanging status quo, in its suppression of tensions between groups in the landscape.

(Cosgrove, 1985, p. 58, original emphasis)

I find this interesting because it seems to say the exact opposite of what I would like to do with my landscape painting, specifically the post-industrial paintings.  In painting these abandoned spaces, I am interested in images that

  • illustrate that the status quo does change
  • celebrate the dynamism of the tension between groups in the landscape
  • and perhaps, question the notion of property?  ( I am unsure on how I really engage with this… )

This was cited in the John Wylie book, ‘Landscapes.’