Month: February 2010

  • Cosgrove on Landscape Painting

    One of the consistent purposes of landscape painting has been to present an image of order and proportioned control… there is an inherent conservatism in the landscape idea, in its celebration of property and of an unchanging status quo, in its suppression of tensions between groups in the landscape. (Cosgrove, 1985, p. 58, original emphasis)…

  • Questions on Process of Practice

    Questions on Process of Practice

    Curator Joanna O’Donovan asks: Do you paint on site or in a studio? You work on large canvases, what do you like about working on this scale? What do you look for in a site to paint?

  • Disembodied and Engaged Aesthetics

    As a painter in a Master’s course for Arts and Ecology, I am to produce a written work that attempts to synthesize my interests.  My hope is to hash out ideas and get my writing chops up right here on this page.  I had recently read Aesthetics & Nature, and wrote briefly about aesthetics. Aesthetics…

  • Video Interview at the Sites

    Joanna O’Donovan (curator) and I talk about the sites of the paintings featured in the exhibition; The Landscape Thinks Itself In Us.

  • Installation of Old Drawings

    Installation of Old Drawings

    I was in a show this past september in Philadelphia, called Five Dudes: Artwork and Booze. It was deftly curated by Matt Maloney at 2424 Studios on York St. in Fishtown. The exhibition featured artwork from Ron Johnson, Shane Leddy, Matt Maloney, Michael Xander and myself. The exhibition space was huge. I brought along a…