Recent Paintings: A show This April

I am currently showing 15 paintings at 1 shot coffee in Northern Liberties.

With 3 of the paintings, I am donating 50 dollars of the purchase prices to related community organizations. I am intrigued with the Painting Activist’s fantastically pragmatic approach.

I’m addressing social issues utilizing painting as my medium of communication. Much like a photojournalist, I travel to locations/events of cultural interest and capture them, only with my brush. My talent is as an artist, my passion is advocating for social change; this is how the two work together.

All artwork is for sale, unless noted otherwise. A portion of proceeds from the sale of original work is donated to the nonprofit corresponding to each piece. So if you’re apt to support my talent and contribute to a cause, invite your art-appreciating-friends, browse, be merry, and buy great art!


2 responses to “Recent Paintings: A show This April”

  1. Pam Renovato Avatar
    Pam Renovato

    I would enjoy seeing some of the other pieces in the show.

  2. Thanks! The first 8 on this page are also in the show… I will be posting more in the near future.