4 weeks to Mozambique! Give yourself a Hand?

Today marks the 4 week countdown to Mozambique!

I am incredibly excited to expand my world view in this fashion and am kicking into high gear to get ready. We are slowly jumping the hurdles that are needed to accomplish this, and I am happy to report that we got our shots this morning for the various vaccinations.

This past week however, has been tumultuous. I found out last friday that my place of employment would be shutting its doors that IMMEDIATE sunday. I sit 4 weeks away from the most inspirational trip of my life and am unemployed. I hesitate to go into more detail, because simply I have not found my exact voice on this blog and do not want to stray far from the arts focus.

However, as part of my overall strategy in this chaotic time, I am using the internet to try and SELL my artwork, for whatever I can get. I am willing to sell for cheap because of the fast approaching move we will be making in August. Quite simply, the less I have to move in August, the better.

Without further ado, the drawing of a hand I posted on ebay this evening is


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