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  • Representation of Space in Space

    I’ve been reading Edward Soja’s Thirdspace (1996) and Postmodern Geographies (1989) and Perceptions of the Environment (2000) by Tim Ingold. “Space hides consequence from us now.”  (Berger in Soja 1989 p.22) Space does hide consequence from those who have power..  We throw out rubbish and it goes ‘somewhere.’  We use electricity that comes from ‘somewhere.’  […]

  • Disembodied and Engaged Aesthetics

    As a painter in a Master’s course for Arts and Ecology, I am to produce a written work that attempts to synthesize my interests.  My hope is to hash out ideas and get my writing chops up right here on this page.  I had recently read Aesthetics & Nature, and wrote briefly about aesthetics. Aesthetics […]