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  • Two Murals

    Two Murals

    Today was interesting! We headed out to the Holy Trinity Primary school at about 9:30 in the morning to begin the mural there. Nicollete, Tiffany, and Yara came along to help. We had presented the mural idea to the principal and teachers the day before and they seemed enthusiastic. To be honest, I wasn’t sure […]

  • Painting inside landscape

    Painting inside landscape

    I wanted to try painting with the acrylics on cardboard today. Up at 6am, I prepared the acrylics and the easel for a day out in the field. I met up with the students for breakfast and we first went to Sea View, a place I had not been before.  Sophia introduced Sea View as […]

  • Mud painting I got beats

    Mud painting I got beats

    I passed out at about 10 o’clock. The kids did a number on me today. A few too many young ones were around for the mural painting in the afternoon / evening. And they were excited. So while I was managing them, another group of teenagers were painting on the mural. They went over somethings […]

  • Workshops and the Biggest Tree

    Workshops and the Biggest Tree

    This morning I set out to work on the mural by myself first thing. The sun hits the wall of the mural in the morning and it is extremely bright. For a few mornings now I walk outside and can’t even look at it. So I head back inside for some sunglasses, wondering how the […]

  • I’m Safe

    I’m Safe

    As I sit down to write, yet another mini-squall is hitting the roof of the research center. The roof is thin, and it sounds like there is metal on the top. The rain always sounds gentle hitting the roof, a bit like a soft static in both ears.  Tonight is my first night on my […]