Abstact digital painting by Noel Hefele
Desiretechnologysleepwithcomputer | 2011

Playing around with the computer program “Corel Draw.” I was reminded of this program by an old friend.  I remember using it ten years ago. Hopefully I can bring it into my work flow for painting OR design work.

No need to try and photograph this well… as it emits light instead of reflecting it.

Painting by playing with predefined symbolic representations.


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A new place for the blog

I’ve moved the blog from the front page. I think having it on the front page was giving me writer’s block. So here is an informal aside.

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Walk through a field barefoot.

Today, after swimming in the Dart River, I walked barefoot up a sloped field to get to Dartington College of Arts.  (The shell of what is left there)  I found it very interesting that the field was sporadically covered in thorny plants that hurt my feet.  I thought about the cows that normally graze on this field and how they probably don’t like to eat the thorny plants.  A mechanical lawn mower wouldn’t mind thorny plants.  I wouldn’t have noticed them if I wore boots.  I tip-toed through this field, avoiding prickles where I could—marveling at the way the field was shaping my trek across it. Was the grazed grass my infrastructure, provided by the cows? Are the thorny plants encroaching ‘nature’ or are they arising specifically because of the grazed grass? Barefoot, I weaved my way through this entwined patchwork of land, shaped by human practices yet shaping my path.

I still have a few thorns in my feet as I get ready to sleep.