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  • The Sitting Cows

    The Sitting Cows

    This oil painting on canvas measures 2′ x 2′ When I first arrived in Dartington, I was told that the cows sit down when it is going to rain. I was unable to directly prove this during my time here, but it seems possible. It brings up interesting questions about the sensory perception of animals. […]

  • Buckham’s Park Barn

    This oil painting measure 4 feet square. I discovered Buckham’s Park Barn on the Dartington Estate during my walks. It is a late 18th century ruin of what I assume was an agricultural building. The ruin has been surrounded with a portable metal fence since I’ve first come across it. This was the first larger […]

  • New Image for Old Dartington Nursery Painting

    Photographic comparison of documenting a painting with an SLR camera vs. a point and shoot.

  • Installation of Old Drawings

    Installation of Old Drawings

    I was in a show this past september in Philadelphia, called Five Dudes: Artwork and Booze. It was deftly curated by Matt Maloney at 2424 Studios on York St. in Fishtown. The exhibition featured artwork from Ron Johnson, Shane Leddy, Matt Maloney, Michael Xander and myself. The exhibition space was huge. I brought along a […]

  • Old Dartington Nursery

    Old Dartington Nursery

    This painting documented a space that was 50 meters from the gallery. We tried to query the audience for a title, but that effort was largely unsuccessful. 4’x4′ Oil on canvas 2010