Nightscapes of the city, drawn by children

Pretty inspiring solutions to drawing the city landscape, by children at Felix’s school. They had an art show the other day, and it was impressive. The range of experiments on display was a testament to the teacher.  The styles of drawing and the curious solutions proposed by children are always interesting.

Apologies for the blurry picture—it was an elementary school gym with less than ideal lighting conditions.

I find these nightscapes incredibly inspiration with my current immersion in the city. The children work in vertical or horizontal format. They stack the geometric shapes of the buildings with a logic that can only come from those who are growing up right inside of this place.

I think what is referred to as “artistic talent” is solely what is left in certain people when the rest have let go, buried or had it beaten out of them.  ALL of the children seem to have artistic potential, but how many continue to develop it? Kudos to PS 249 for such a nice exhibition.


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