Painting by Noel Hefele of Sugarhouse Casino site in Fishtown Philadelphia

Sugar House and the Divide

Mediums: Not available.

This is the land where the Sugar House Casino was built in Philadelphia. When I exhibited it at the Highwire Gallery, I put some ballot boxes beneath asking “Should the Casino be built?”

The answers I recieved are listed below.

The Yes Vote = 11

“Degenerate artists are taking money away from deserving white people”

“Yes… Then burn it.”


“I’m from New England”

“I don’t live in the neighborhood”

The No Vote = 19

“No neighborhood input”

“Lame energy, lame greed, drunk people / wage slaves.”

“Fishtown would become a haven for prostitutes and drug dealers.”

“Because gambling is anti-Christian.”

“No Casino, No Gambling.”

“This will degrade the neighborhood and harm our local business.”

“More Greed”

“I’m against senseless development. Besides I’m a bad gambler!!”

“Don’t want to see the increased traffice, crime, loss of money”

“I live here!”

Undecided = 3

“Carpe Diem”

“Who is asking?”

“Doesn’t matter what I think”


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