Parkside and Ocean Avenue. Flatbush.

Mediums: Not available.

Parkside and Ocean Avenue is the intersection I cross to get to Prospect Park. It is known to be very dangerous for pedestrians as the traffic pattern results in cars turning into the crosswalk. It is quite literally the entrance to our neighborhood from the park and there is a design competition going on to re-imagine that block. (see

It was difficult to finalize this painting. The addition of the plants at the bottom really aided the final composition.

Oil painting of Parkside Avenue and Ocean Avenue in Flatbush by Noel Hefele
In Progress image of the painting…


While I was working on this, I also made a time lapse video of the corner.

It’s a problematic corner in the neighborhood. Sometimes it is referred to as “the intersection of death.” The traffic patterns frequently end up with cars trying to turn onto ocean ave while pedestrians have a walk signal.

Change is afoot however. The parkside prize has been collecting design proposals for this block.


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