voices of lefferts summer 2020

Voices of Lefferts

One bright spot of this year for me has been writing. One of my quarantine journal entries was published in the Voices of Lefferts community writing journal, available at the Flatbush @greenlightbklyn store and on the greenlight website.

VOL is a great collaborative project spearheaded by Deborah Mutnick. I am in good company in the pages of this issue. It was comforting to participate from our new Bronx location and made the year feel slightly less alien. You can take the guy out of PLG, but you can’t take PLG out of the guy. ?

Voices of Lefferts: The Flatbush-PLG Community Writing Journal is a biannual collection of writing and artwork that tell the neighborhood’s stories in the voices of the people who live here. Each issue contains the narratives written by participants of our writing workshops, plus artwork and documentary photography. The journal is designed and produced locally, and can be bought for $6 at Greenlight Bookstore at 632 Flatbush Avenue. The journal is archived in the Brooklyn Collection of the Brooklyn Public Library.