Repre 2 Private View – next Friday, 12th April 6-9pm

Unfortunately I won’t be around for the exhibit, but if you are in London, please attend!


Silwex Studios, Quaker Street, E1 6SN
Don’t forget to RSVP!
Private view- Guest list only

Exhibition continues on the 13th and 14th April
Open daily 12-6pm (admission free)

Repre Representational Painters

Repre are a group of nine artists that share a common vision to capture and depict reality. From the body to the landscape, each artist is concerned with not only depicting the real, but exploring the boundaries of realism within their practice.

Repre 2 will be an experimental exhibition exploring each artist’s relationship with realism. As a group the artists are unified by the starting point of reality, but ultimately their work is a personal and unique approach to depicting the world around us. There are a variety of ideas that the artists are driven by such as surface, mass media, atmosphere or the deconstruction of reality, these themes will provide the basis for the exhibition and will give an insight into the role of realism within each artist’s work. Alongside showing individual pieces, the group will work on a live painting over the course of the weekend, the collaborative piece will allow the artist’s to question their own practice and come together as a group to explore the representational and experimental artistic process. The exhibition will end with an artist’s talk on Sunday 14 April, to open up a discussion around the themes of depicting the real, working collaboratively and the outcomes of the exhibition.

The group’s name, Repre, is itself a reflection of the distance it sets itself from the constraints of traditional figurative art. Repre is a segment of the original word ‘Representational’. The artists aren’t solely bound to painting the real but instead challenge their approach and ideas to make their work relevant to the contemporary art world. By using a variety of themes, influences and ideas the group’s work provides an exciting approach to figurative art.

The Artists:
Julie Bennett reappropriates mass-mediated images into gestural paintings:

Nathaniel Fowles paints evocative scenes of London and has his work in many private collections:

Jemma Grundon’s work concerns the landscape and the evocative nature of the world we live in:

Noel Hefele Hefele is an artist based in Brooklyn, New York who is interested in the notions of landscape painting addressing our relationships with the non-human world:

Amelia Humber’s paintings relay the atmosphere and emotion of landscape:

Rebecca Molloy (founder of Repre Art Collective) looks at the deconstruction of reality:

Louise Morgan is a landscape painter producing predominantly miniature watercolours that are centred around memory:

Andrew Newton an experimental artist who looks at the minds subconscious dichotomy between structure and order and spontaneous impulsivity:

Patrick Simkins is exhibiting new work that questions perceptions, fragility and morality. He was recently an official London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Storyteller: