The Parkside Prize: Registration Deadline

Oil painting of Parkside Avenue and Ocean Avenue in Flatbush by Noel Hefele
Parkside Avenue and Ocean Avenue

The Parkside Prize, a design competition for Parkside Avenue, is fast approaching a registration deadline. It’s exciting to see it reach this point, as I remember going to one of the first meetings back in the spring. Submissions have been coming in and we are planning to present them to the jury in January.

The Parkside Prize was the first neighborhood initiative I was involved in. I made the project website. I can’t wait to see the ideas that come in. Parkside Avenue was the first street in the neighborhood I encountered when I moved here last year. It is a vibrant place—plenty of opportunity and constraints. Fingers crossed a provocative, yet pragmatic design that can gather momentum.

Register! Design submission deadline is December 15th.

Don’t forget: There is just 2 days left to register for the contest to redesign Parkside Avenue.

We all know how shabby that block can be at its worst … how maddening it is to see all that concrete after a walk through Prospect Park, how sad it is to see all that crumbling plaster and peeling paint after arriving home on the Q. We all know how much better it could be, if the traffic were milder, if the sidewalks were cleaner, if the city cared for our block the way its cares for Columbus Circle, or Grand Army Plaza, or the Brooklyn waterfront. This is your chance to remake your neighborhood.

The deadline to register is December 1. The deadline to send in your design is December 15. The grand prize is $1000. All of the information you need is right here:

So! All you designers, all you architects. All you hackers and artists and freelancers. All you who ride the subway and think of old Walt Whitman. All you who, in your most private ambitions, see a city more open than Olmsted’s, more modern than Moses’s, more surreal than Julius Knipl’s …! Yes, you …! All of you …! This is your hour …! Do not delay …! One thousand dollars …! Register today …!