Repre: The Representational Art Group



I’m delighted to be a part of a new group of painters, primarily based in the UK.  We have recently established our group and are working toward producing our first exhibition.

From the site:

We are a group of artists who have come together to exhibit and celebrate the work of contemporary representational art.

We work on varying subject matters, from portraits to landscapes. Each work is based on capturing forms of reality, there maybe abstraction within the style and detail, but ultimately we all work as representational painters.


Take a look at some of the other painters…. it is an interesting bunch.  I wonder if we are in the “non-representational” area of practice, a theory pioneered by Nigel Thrift.  As I understand it, the process is the important part of the painting.  The resulting painting is more an extension of the landscape or the painted object itself expressed through us. The diversity of styles and subject choice within the group seem to attest to this.

We push pigment, in collaboration with materials of the earth and immersed in the visible. Eventually, something resonates meaning back. We come to know what is around us through participation.  Perhaps our paintings are the “fruiting body” of a sensuous engagement with world we live in.