Design contributions to the Ultimate dART MA Show at Dartington College of Arts

hefele designed banner for Ultimate dART MA show at Dartington College of Arts
A banner I designed outside the main tent at the show

This past July, I had the honour of having my designs selected to be the public face of the last MA show at Dartington College of Arts, before its dubious “move” to University College Falmouth.  I’ve included some examples here.

The MA students held a design competition to select the visual identity for Ultimate dART. My design was selected, even though some of my colleagues produced some impressive designs. I was aiming for something simple and bold, yet with an art feel to it.  The design proved to be rather adaptable.

Initial Selected Logo Design
The poster based on the initial design
Alternative option for the MA design
This was a tangential option for the logo. The color band and multiple text colors proved too busy.
Adaptation of the design I used for the cover of the show program.