MA Arts and Ecology Portfolio

My main work effort for the year was the Landscape Resounds exhibition. This work was developed and tested through smaller exhibitions throughout the year: The Landscape Thinks Itself in Us exhibition and the Exchange exhibition. I have clarified the methods and process of my practice: I had the time to think about photography as a core element of my inquiry, taking close to 10,000 images over the course of the year. I also experimented with time-lapse photography which has helped me to see and reflect on my own process and consider it in relationship to the temporal changes in the landscapes I paint. I have also expanded my boundaries in unexpected ways, performing in my first choreographed duet, It’s What They Don’t Say, (by Marina Smoulevits). This helped me consider landscape and painting in relationship to the movement of the body. I have used my design skills to develop the visual identity of the Dartington MA show, as well as re-work my web site to become part portfolio, part evolving research notebook. All of this was nurtured, challenged and inspired by the Arts and Ecology group during our expansive module work.

“Put quite simply: ecology deals with the dynamic balance of nature, with the interdependence of living and nonliving things. Since nature also includes human beings, the science must include humanity’s role in the natural world—specifically, the character, form, and structure of humanity’s relationship with other species and with the inorganic substrate of the biotic environment.”  –  Murray Bookchin in The Concept of Social Ecology