Month: August 2010

  • The Audio for the Landscape Resounds Paintings

    The Audio for the Landscape Resounds Paintings

    Including the sound with the paintings was new for me. If landscape painting traditionally places the ‘subject’ as the audience or the painter, I think the sounds helped to create ‘subjects’ in the paintings… “Resounding Landscapes” Click the images to enlarge. The audio for each painting is directly below. Swallowfields [audio:] Make-shift Shelter [singlepic id=83…

  • Landscape Resounds: Research Photographs

    These photos are the ‘b-sides’ of some of the landscape explorations leading up to the exhibition.

  • Landscape Resounds: Video of the Installation

    Landscape Resounds: Video of the Installation

    httpv:// Landscape Resounds was my MA show contribution at Ultimate Dart – The Dartington College of Arts MA show for 2010. The installation featured 11 four foot square paintings of Totnes and Dartington. Each painting also had a ‘soundscape’ that was playing from speakers behind the canvases. These soundscapes were composed of sounds recorded at…

  • MA Arts and Ecology Portfolio

    My main work effort for the year was the Landscape Resounds exhibition. This work was developed and tested through smaller exhibitions throughout the year: The Landscape Thinks Itself in Us exhibition and the Exchange exhibition. I have clarified the methods and process of my practice: I had the time to think about photography as a…

  • The Sitting Cows

    The Sitting Cows

    This oil painting on canvas measures 2′ x 2′ When I first arrived in Dartington, I was told that the cows sit down when it is going to rain. I was unable to directly prove this during my time here, but it seems possible. It brings up interesting questions about the sensory perception of animals.…