Lyrical Greening of a Brownfield – SOLD!

Lyrical Greening of a Brownfield I
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I am happy to report – I sold the Lyrical Greening of a Brownfield paintings. My favorite of the two is pictured here.

I traveled out to Pittsburgh this month to attend the dedication ceremony for the Remaking Cities Institute.

The paintings were presented to the Luis Rico-Gutierrez, the new director of the Institute, as a gift.

The paintings were presented behind black cloth – and subsequently unveiled! That was an interesting thing to have happen!

The whole trip was hectic and inspirational.

The paintings will hang in the Remaking Cities Institute until the Heinz Endowments can develop the old LTV site pictured. At that point the plan is to have the paintings hang in a community oriented building on the very site that they depict.

Lyrical indeed!

The artworks are symbolic of the beginning of my renewed efforts in oil painting. I had spent about 1 year doing smaller works before executing these major pieces. They were a proving “stake in the ground” of sorts, and this sale has been in the works for 2+ years. Having the trajectory of the sale come to a close brings an odd feeling of validation — one above and beyond the mere selling of a smaller work. I had much invested in this work! Now the box I have built for my “creative sandbox” seems all the more right.

Also: watching the paintings grow legs and walk off on their own is a great feeling. They found their perfect home.

Thanks to all involved in helping this happen. Definitely could not have done it without your help!

A painting I am working on right now is directly influenced by these works. I look forward to completing it soon!


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  1. This painting is really nice. The lyrical greening of a brownfield is one art painting I surely want to get my hands on.

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    Noel Hefele