The Show at the Rocket Cat Cafe was a success!

I had a show at the Rocket Cat Cafe coffee shop this June and sold 3 out of 15 paintings. I am happy to say that it was a record for art sales in 1 month. The three works that were sold are listed below. Each sale was driven by a personal connection to the space painted. 2 out of the 3 paintings were sold to people in the same zip code. All 3 paintings remain in Philadelphia.

Sugarhouse and the Divide Casinos was purchased by an individual whose family had lived in Fishtown for many generations. She was drawn to the painting by the idea that it crystallized a space on the cusp of change. She recently returned to live in Fishtown, a neighborhood that also has been changing rather rapidly. The conversation reminded me of what I was attempting to do with “The Point at Which the Stream Emerges”

Anatomy of a Street Tree was purchased by an individual who happened to grow up 10 houses away from the location of the tree! He did not know this until we talked.

FDR Park, Frozen was purchased by an individual who happened to get married in the rotunda portrayed in the painting.

By Noel Hefele

Noel Hefele is an artist living in the Bronx