I’ve got an interview for Grad School!

So. In case I haven’t mentioned it, I have started hearing back from grad schools.

The first three that came in were rejections.

The fourth, was a request that I show up for an interview.

I return to writing as I prepare for that interview, and I aim to get my words together for that interview.

Some questions:

How to contextualize the Bald Guy in the future direction of my work?

The bald guy is a symbol of myself. Whether he is an alter ego or projection is yet to be determined.

It is no coincidence that I started drawing the bald guy when my mother was undergoing chemotherapy “treatment” for her cancer. As her condition worsened, she stopped wearing her wig. The chemo made her hair fall out and an image of a bald mother is quite a haunting one indeed.

The bald is a symptom of an assault on the system. The assault on the system is an attempt to “fix” things. Perhaps there is an analogy between industrial thinking and that approach toward healing cancer.

Another aspect to figure out would be the music as it relates to my painting practice.