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  • 8. W 230th + Irwin

    8. W 230th + Irwin

    Initially, digital maps hinted at a car-free Tibbetts Avenue, part of NYC’s open streets initiative. This avenue overlays the original path of the long-buried Tibbetts stream.  I headed out intending to paint from the middle of the car free road. I felt the need to go looking for the lost stream to see what I…

  • 5. Below Van Cortlandt Ave South Bridge

    5. Below Van Cortlandt Ave South Bridge

    In this session, I found myself back at the Van Cortlandt Park South bridge. Yet, unlike before, my vantage point shifted beneath the bridge, immersing me in the pathway carved by IDA’s raging flood waters – the future route of the Daylighted Tibbetts Brook. Iā€™m painting a landscape that is technically fenced off. But there…