Tag: Landscape Thinks Itself In Us

  • Old Dartington Nursery

    Old Dartington Nursery

    This painting documented a space that was 50 meters from the gallery. We tried to query the audience for a title, but that effort was largely unsuccessful. 4’x4′ Oil on canvas 2010

  • The Harvesters

    The Harvesters

    With this painting, I started to see neglect and abandonment in a cyclical perspective. 4’x4′ Oil on Canvas 2010

  • The Atmospheric Principle

    The Atmospheric Principle

    4’x4′ Oil on Canvas 2010

  • Dwelling | Preview of the Results

    Constance Merriman and I collaborated on this photo experiment which we exhibited in the Landscape Thinks Itself In Us show in January 2010.  It will be showing at the Exchange in a more intimate format from February 5th until April 17th. The exact same video file is posted below to Vimeo. I heard they have better […]

  • Exhibition Framing Statement

    19th Century French painter, Paul Cezanne, once wrote in a letter to a friend; ‘the landscape thinks itself in me… and I am its consciousness’. It is this relationship between the land and us, the intertwined and interdependent relationship between the observer and the observed, the inhabitant and the inhabited, that is the focus of […]