“Pictures of You” – a painting show opening July 11th 2013 @6pm

As part of the PLG Arts Local Artist Series @ Tugboat Tea Company, 546 Flatbush Avenue Brooklyn. Join us later the same evening for Jazz at Inkwell Jazz-Comedy club. See facebook.com/plgarts for further details!

I hope you will join me for an opening of a my solo painting show at Tugboat Tea Company in Brooklyn. Openings are the best, you get a bunch of people together to talk, drink wine and eat cheese, while looking at art. I have a handful of new paintings on display. A few old favorites as well!

Are you on facebook? RSVP here. And bring your friends!

I consistently try not to see the world as Nature and Culture or subject and object, but as a unified field of relationships. Dualism is an over simplification that can be harmful to our current ecological condition—when we view the non-human world as objects, it is a precursor for abusing that world as well as divorcing our self from any responsibility for our planetary impact. We are not the sole subject of the narrative of Earth. Our landscapes are woven with the stories, trajectories and agencies of human, animal, plant, mineral, idea and thing. We have a dependence on this landscape of things, alive and material, which in turn is dependent on us.

‘Pictures of You’ refers to the permeability of the self when taking this view. Where does the individual end? We are the landscape we live in. You live here? I painted you. My work is a collaboration with landscape in order to produce affects in myself and others, aesthetically and emotionally reconfiguring ways of seeing the world.


Repre1: A vibrant exhibition of contemporary portrait and landscape paintings.

I am excited to announce I am in a show in London opening up this week!  We are a group of representational painters called “Repre.”  I wish I could be there for the show! But I am please as punch that my paintings will be.

From the press release:

1-13 May 2012

Open daily 10-5pm (admission free)

Private view Monday 1 May 6-8pm

For late night openings, please visit


A unique collaborative exhibition brings emerging talent to the surface


Repre art collective is a group of artists who have come together to exhibit, celebrate and promote contemporary representational art. They share a common vision to capture and depict reality and express it through diverse and eloquent forms of painting. This is their first collaborative exhibition together and the installation promises to be a vibrant display of contemporary portrait and landscape painting.


The choice to hold their first exhibition together in St Martin-in-the-Fields and at the heart of the establishment in Trafalgar Square conveys their desire to raise the profile of contemporary figurative art and what it can truly articulate. It is fitting that a venue which has shown work by established artists such as Chris Gollon and Mike Chapman can also accommodate the work of emerging talent.


A prize draw will take place on the night of the private view as Julie Bennett, Nathaniel Fowles and Patrick Simkins will be donating limited edition prints of their work to raise funds for St. Martin-in-the-Fields BBC Radio 4 Christmas Appeal.


Exhibiting artists: Julie Bennett, Nathaniel Fowles, Jemma Grundon, Noel Hefele, Amelia Humber, Rebecca Molloy, Louise Morgan, Andrew Newton and Patrick Simkins.



Venue details:

The Gallery, St. Martin-in-the-Fields, Trafalgar Square, London, WC2N 4JJ


Charing Cross tube



Twitter: @repreart

Contact: info@repreart.co.uk

Tel: 07743 221 364