Subject: ocean

  • Rye Beach, New Hampshire

    Rye Beach, New Hampshire

    Painted over several high and low tides. I wanted to try to paint “nothing” – a place of just atmosphere, water, and light.

  • Parkside and Ocean Avenue. Flatbush.

    Parkside and Ocean Avenue. Flatbush.

    Parkside and Ocean Avenue is the intersection I cross to get to Prospect Park. It is known to be very dangerous for pedestrians as the traffic pattern results in cars turning into the crosswalk. It is quite literally the entrance to our neighborhood from the park and there is a design competition going on to…

  • Sam at the Beach

    Sam at the Beach

    Painted over the course of three days at the beach in New Hampshire.  I feel that it is a very interesting painting in my development. It marked a return to oil painting and perhaps the first landscape painting I had done as an adult.