• Painting 9

    I painted at “Siren Slope” – a small, overlooked hillside on the edge of Albany Crescent, next to a fire station. This is an official NYC Park, .28 acres in size, right near entrance and exit ramps for the Deegan. As a community member put it – “I didn’t know that spot had a name […]

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    Watercolor of the view from Siren Slope by Noel Hefele

  • Painting 8

    Online, it appeared as if Tibbetts Avenue was free of cars as a part of the NYC open streets program. Tibbetts Avenue overlays the original path of the buried stream.  I headed out intending to paint from the middle of the car free road. I felt the need to go looking for the lost stream […]

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    Watercolor painting of Tibbetts Historical End in the Bronx by Noel Hefele

  • Painting 7

    I painted on a bench in Van Cortlandt Park upon the damn next to the recently renamed waterbody, Hester and Piero’s Mill Pond. This waterbody was created in 1699, when Van Cortlandt had his enslaved people dam Tibbetts Brook in order to power saw and grist mills. Piero was an expert miller of grain and […]

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    Watercolor painting of Hester and Mieros Mill Pond

  • Painting 6

    I set up the easel on a small dead end street, Verveelen Place, directly across the proposed Tibbetts Path from the Albany Crescent. A parking lot for the big box mall with the TJ Maxx was to my right. An unidentifiable parking lot is across the street. There are a handful of unmarked doors, some […]

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    watercolor painting of Verveleen Place in the Bronx by Noel Hefele

  • Painting 5

    For this painting, I returned to the Van Cortlandt Park South bridge, but instead of painting from on top, I was under it and in the direct path followed by the raging floodwaters of IDA, where we hope to Daylight Tibbetts Brook. I’m painting a landscape that is technically fenced off. But there are a […]

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    Watercolor painting Under Van Cortlandt Ave West Bridge by Noel Hefele

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