Category: Audio and Video

  • Ultimate dART. Dartington MA SHOW 2010. My video.

    A bunch of the MA students are making short videos to advertise the upcoming MA show at Dartington College of Arts this July 20-22nd. I took a time lapse video of the beginnings of a painting at 30 second intervals. I believe there are 24 frames per second, translating to roughly 12 minutes represented by […]

  • Video Interview at the Sites

    Joanna O’Donovan (curator) and I talk about the sites of the paintings featured in the exhibition; The Landscape Thinks Itself In Us.

  • Dwelling | Preview of the Results

    Constance Merriman and I collaborated on this photo experiment which we exhibited in the Landscape Thinks Itself In Us show in January 2010.  It will be showing at the Exchange in a more intimate format from February 5th until April 17th. The exact same video file is posted below to Vimeo. I heard they have better […]

  • Exhibition Opening Night

    Nice party on January 21st, 2010. Dartington College in Devon, England. We had roughly 50-60 people over the course of the evening.