Size: 48″ x 72″

  • Brothel


    Again- the double eye icon shows up. Click for detail.

  • Disparate


    One of my more successful paintings at the time. oil paint and acrylic house paint J. Hefele Private Collection

  • Exoskeleton


    One of those weird drawings that just always happens in Weidner’s class… I may be making this all up. The painting was a response to an assignment to develop a self-portrait, which externalizes the structural elements of the skeleton. In hind-sight, I don’t think I was as young as I look in the painting. The…

  • Untitled (2/4)

    Untitled (2/4)

    The paper for this drawing spent about a week on the floor of my damp basement and then another week getting kicked around the studio. I tried to work with that aesthetic. graphite, gesso, acrylic paint