Size: 24″ x 24″

  • The Longest Road in Brooklyn

    The Longest Road in Brooklyn

    Better photo to come..

  • Tangle

    In this painting, I was chasing an overlapping impossible-to-paint scene. I’ve been thinking a lot about the concept of tangled knots… whether these tangled knots create places, anxieties, websites, or notions of self, it doesn’t matter. The forms exhibited in a grove of trees can echo to other abstract concepts. This scene is in the…

  • Sugar House and the Divide

    Sugar House and the Divide

    This is the land where the Sugar House Casino was built in Philadelphia. When I exhibited it at the Highwire Gallery, I put some ballot boxes beneath asking “Should the Casino be built?” The answers I recieved are listed below. The Yes Vote = 11 “Degenerate artists are taking money away from deserving white people”…

  • Self – Portrait