Size: 12″ x 12″

  • Prospect Park Pond

    The name of this pond called “Lullwater” (see map). The lake is man-made. 7 million people visit this park each year. Olmstead and company were chasing the pastoral and picturesque ideals. How does this influence our experience of ‘nature?’

  • Prospect Park Inlet

    Prospect Park Inlet

    Painted over the course of one day in the southern area of the Prospect Park Pond. I find that plein air painting sharpens the skill set in a way longer studio based painting cannot.

  • Prospect Park Blossoms

    Prospect Park Blossoms

    Prospect Park blossoms up near the Grand Army Plaza side of the park. Not sure if they are cherry or dogwood. I remember a teacher once told me that you can never paint every single leaf on a tree. I’m interested in that sort of approach to representation that breaks apart into abstracted brush strokes.

  • Watching the Landscape