Possibilties of this Blogging thing…

I would be curious if this could become some type of feedback loop.  A place to get critiques or comments about the work.

What are your favorites?  What would you like to see more of?

Jess and Felix are here this weekend..  always good to see the little guy.


Went to a fair on South Street today that had various eco-related ventures and goings on in Philly.  In addition to a free sample of some citrus cleaner, there were several interesting booths…..  

Neighbors Allied for the Best Riverfront

These folks are currently trying to stop the Casino onslaught on the Philadelphia Rivers.  It really is amazing.  Money speaks loudest everywhere it seems.  It says they have weekly meetings, so more on this to come.

and Environmental Leadership Program
Regional Networks.

This seems to be a training camp for environmental folks. Could be interesting!  Applications are available starting next week. 


On the cusp of a move to Philadelphia, I create my first blog entry.

We have dedicated a room in the apartment to painting, and there are 3 windows with a nice amount of light.

I plan to work on a painting show entitled “Impressions.” It will be about the South Philly landscape and the Nature/Culture relationships that exist across it.

We will miss you Pittsburgh.

stay tuned…
(and patient as I work out the kinks in this journal)