A bit more progress on the FDR painting

This one is proving difficult! I am still getting tripped up by the colors and nuances. Completion seems far off.

Colors are varying wildly across the painting. As long it doesn’t fracture value wise, I think it could be to a good effect.

I still need to make the water look frozen and make the clouds more atmospheric. But the general paint style I have been cultivating is there. Even though that style seems to rely upon contrast.

I think I have adequately set up the larger contrasts in this painting—between the sky, ground and water. But the nuances within those areas are mind boggling to say the least. A lot of work to do there still.

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Grad School?

I want to go. I am researching schools and programs for the next few months. If you have any suggestions that you think I should know about, please leave me a comment!

Superficially, I am interested in applying to Tyler School of Art, Yale, and Upenn.

I’d like to find a program that is receptive to painting w/ an ecological focus. I am not interested in going somewhere that will say “You need to take painting out of the square man! The wall hegemony is fascism!” Already experienced a pedagogy that advocates tearing down conventions, and I found it to attack the very core question of meaning itself. I would be a post-modern self referencing ironic artist if it didn’t make me so apathetic!

I want to be in an environment that nurtures and challenges my painting without being close-minded to the more radical ideas I learned at 3 Rivers 2nd Nature.

It wouldn’t hurt if they paid me to go too. (Takes Yale out of the running for sure)

FDR park in Philadelphia | in Progress

I am working on this painting of FDR park in South Philadelphia. It is a wintry scene and somewhat difficult to paint. Frozen ice is so subtle in its nuances. The play between the sky and ice is essential and I have a lot of work left to do. All in all, I think it is a good start.

FDR park is located here. You can see the two structures in the painting lining the north side of meadow lake. The place is an estuary. I have seen several great blue herons, and somewhat less impressive, many canadian geese, ducks, and seagulls. It is impressive to zoom out on the map link to see the context of the park within philly. It is an oasis within a concrete urban jungle.

Lady Liberty & the moon

Lady Liberty & the moon
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My friend Gina asked me to come help paint sets for the Curio Theater Company in West Philadelphia. The play is called “Green Bird.” From the description:

In this fantasy fairy tale the King returns from the war to find that his mother has seized the throne and mysteriously done away with his wife and children. Unknown to the King or his wicked mother, his family is still alive, but living in secret with the kingdom’s finest sausage-maker, Truffaldino, and his wife Smeraldina. All is set to rights with the help of a sexy statue, a know-it-all stone head, a trip to Nowhere Mountain, a snake of biblical proportions and a mysterious Green Bird upon whom everything hinges.

It is good fun! It’s collaborative painting, and we have been pleased with how it works. Fast paced, and if you don’t want to paint an area—don’t! There is a good chance the other person will.

Behind the moon is the honorable Scott B. The statue has a moving arm that is on the floor to the left.

The play opens May 3rd at the Calvary Church.

Some Kind of Statement

Some Kind of Statement
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Clever without being overbearing? There is something I like about this image. A fly pinned to the flag.

But why do I like this image?

The image of nine mile run did not win any cash prizes in Pittsburgh. The judges are still coming from a modernist influenced perspective, basically, to reject tradition.

My painting was too traditional for 2 of the judges. I am happy to report that it only makes me want to be more traditional. (Resistance through tradition; the next level revolution. )

The image that won first prize was about as much of a one-liner as the image of the fly pinned to the flag. (Curiously enough, this flag and fly were a part of an exhibition years ago with the person who won first prize. He was traditional in this exhibition…)

I recommend Suzie Gablik’s book, “Has Modernism Failed,” for insightful perspective on the crisis facing contemporary art and possible directions it can take in the future.

It is time for artists to deal with issues that are relevant to the real world, in my humble opinion.