Media: charcoal

  • Exoskeleton


    One of those weird drawings that just always happens in Weidner’s class… I may be making this all up. The painting was a response to an assignment to develop a self-portrait, which externalizes the structural elements of the skeleton. In hind-sight, I don’t think I was as young as I look in the painting. The…

  • What’s that?! wifebeater series #4

    What’s that?! wifebeater series #4

    The final drawing in “Wifebeater series.” — a reference to the style of t-shirt.

  • Bitten

    Again, working with paper that looks like I slept on it. The rip was there well before I knew what the drawing was going to look like. (Wifebeater: 3/4) charcoal, gesso, house paint

  • It’s a neckband, NOT a head band okay?!

    It’s a neckband, NOT a head band okay?!

    Drawing 1 assignment: distort a self portrait

  • Dead Bike Messenger

    Dead Bike Messenger

    6 hour drawing of a nude model. It’s interesting, how now (in 2011) this drawing looks terribly documented!  What will the next decade bring for documenting artwork online?