Year: 2011

  • Tangle

    In this painting, I was chasing an overlapping impossible-to-paint scene. I’ve been thinking a lot about the concept of tangled knots… whether these tangled knots create places, anxieties, websites, or notions of self, it doesn’t matter. The forms exhibited in a grove of trees can echo to other abstract concepts. This scene is in the…

  • Parkside and Ocean Avenue. Flatbush.

    Parkside and Ocean Avenue. Flatbush.

    Parkside and Ocean Avenue is the intersection I cross to get to Prospect Park. It is known to be very dangerous for pedestrians as the traffic pattern results in cars turning into the crosswalk. It is quite literally the entrance to our neighborhood from the park and there is a design competition going on to…

  • Prospect Park Pond

    The name of this pond called “Lullwater” (see map). The lake is man-made. 7 million people visit this park each year. Olmstead and company were chasing the pastoral and picturesque ideals. How does this influence our experience of ‘nature?’

  • Prospect Park Inlet

    Prospect Park Inlet

    Painted over the course of one day in the southern area of the Prospect Park Pond. I find that plein air painting sharpens the skill set in a way longer studio based painting cannot.