Year: 2001

  • Big Painting

    Big Painting


    This was an different solution to the figure vs. ground problem in my painting. Here I made the background resemble figures but the central figure (me) is still too sacred and seperate from the rest of the painting. I constantly rotated the painting as I was working on it. Acrylic Paint and Oil sticks

  • Train Chasing

    Train Chasing


    I pretend to be a California painter sometimes… 🙂  Sold this one at a street fair in Philadelphia.

  • Rift



    A des-criptive paintin-g…in r-etrosp-ect?.

  • Me.



    Oh Boy. I love me.  (Perhaps the only self-portrait I’ve sold?)

  • Laurie and the T.V.

    Laurie and the T.V.


    Out of a frustration with painting too large, I moved to smaller ventures…